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SinChriJo Agenturer AB always focus on long-term co-operation with reputable suppliers to be able to offer market leading product of the highest quality.

Edgetech GmbH 

Edgetech was founded in 1989 to manufacture and market a new invention - Super Spacer®, a unique patented warm edge spacer for IG units with easy and effective application. The production sites are in the U.S., England and Germany. Every day about 100 000 IG units are produced with Super Spacer® worldwide in more than 90 countries.

Zeochem AG 

Old established company, founded alreday in 1818, with technical excellence, good delivery capability and wide range. Made silica gel since 1930 and molecule sieve since 1970 and are specialized in customized so called high performing zeolites (HPZ). The production sites are China, Bosnia Herzegonovia and the United States, with head office in Switzerland.  


Nedex was established in 1999 and have focused their product portfolio on components for insulating glass. They manufacture deciccant and different types of sealants. Every year about 250 million insulating glass are produced all over the world that contains products from Nedex. 


Ltd.Bostik is as well-known British company that manufactures various high quality sealants, including Hot Melt. SinChriJo Agenturer always has Hot Melt in storage, for instant deliveries.


Tropack is our German partner for desiccant bags and they have a wide range of desiccant in different packaging solutions. They have great technical expertise and also develop customised packiging solutions.

Sparklike Oy 

An innovative Finnish company with high-tech equipment for quality control in the production of insulating glass units. Gas Glass measuring argon and krypton content in insulating glass, Spy Glass measuring the thickness and type of glass and TinGlass measuring what side of the glass that is the tin side.

Bassra Machine Tools Ltd. 

Bassra was founded in England 1986 and has customers in more than 30 countries. They have a wide range of equipment to insulating glass industry.


Ayrox is a Belgium company that is specialized in equipment for quality control according to ITT (Initial Type Testing) and FPC (Factory Production Control). The product range includes for example equipment for quality control of building glass ( heat treated and laminated glass), insulating glass, car glass and solar panels. 

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