Desiccant  - molecular sieve (zeoliter), silica gel and Alox - are used in diffrent industrial applications as an natural gas, industrial gas, petro chemical industry, drying of ethanol and drying of air.  Together with our partner Zeochem, a company that was established for about 200 years ago, we can offer high quality products, high competens and good customer service. 

Bags with desiccant is supplied by our partner Tropack that is specialised in customized solutions to secure transports of goods all over the world without risks for damages caused by moisture.  

Please read more about Zeochems product range here andTropacks product range here.

Molecular sieve with excellent adsorption capacity

Molecular sieve have different pore sizes (3Å, 4Å, 5Å and 10 Å) depending on the application it should be used in. 

The particle size is also a variabel, we offer mainly 1,6-2,6 mm and 2,5-5 mm. Which particle size that is best to use depends on size of unit, acceptable pressure drop and the kinetics. Smaller particle sizes have quicker kinetics but higher pressure drop. 

Standard products are available from stock.  The packaging size in either cartons of 25 kg,  drums of 120-160 kg or big bags  of 600 kg.

Product Portfolio Desiccant

Product portfolio desiccants
  • 3Å, 4Å, 5Å and 13X (10 Å)  Molecular sieve
  • CaX, LiX and  LiLSX Molecular Sieve
  • Silica gel
  • Rubingel (3 g, 5 g, 10 g, 50 g, 100 g och 240 g bags and 25 kg cartons)
  • Purmol
  • Zeoflair
  • HPZ - High Performing Zeolites
  • Alox F - Activated alumina

We offer a wide range of desiccants for a various number of applications

- Insulating glass
- Air Drying
- Drying of ethanol and natural gas
- Purification of air from VOCs and unwanted odors
- Oxygen Production
- Hydrogen Purification
- Base for catalysts
- Paraffin Separation
- Drying and solvent recovery
- Floors of Polyurethane
- Chromatography​
- Transport solutions for avoiding damages by moisture

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