We can provide machinery for manual insulating glass production; such as air-float table, washing machines, cutting tables, hot melt applicator, tools for application of  Super Spacer® and gas filling units. Furthermore we provide equipment for quality control such as Gas Glass (measuring the concentration of argon and krypton gas in the window), storage boxes and cabinets for Super Spacer® and Test Kit to measure the activity of the desiccant. 

Sparklike GasGlass Laser

The new innovation Gas Glass Laser from Sparklike measures IG gas concentration on triple and double IG through coatings and laminations without breaking the unit.
The device can also be installed on the IG line.
Besides the gas concentration the device determines accurate IG dimensions on glass and spacer.​

The company GLASEKSPERTEN integrated SPARKLIKE ONLINE™ to their IG-line.
Take part of the Sparklike interview with Glaseksperten A/S here!

You can also view a short film, showing the installation of GasGlass Laser, click here! 

Sparklike Laser Integrated

Non-destructive insulating gas measurement station integrated to the IG-line.

Sparklike GasGlass Handheld

GasGlass Handheld is a non-destructive and quick test device for measuring argon and krypton gas in IG units.

Sparklike Care Program

Sparklike CARE™ means that your Sparklike device is controlled and serviced annually by Sparklike Certified Professionals.


Super Spacer® is appliceed manually with a shuttle  that needs pneumatic air.
The shuttle makes the appliation of the spacer exact on the samedistane to the glass edge. The shuttle is also cutting of  a piece of the spacer in order to create perfect 90 degree corners. 


Line Stripper

The line stripper removes the proteective tape from Super Spacer®.

Line Stripper

Double Reel Stand

The Double Reel Stand can hold 2 regular reels of Super Spacer® with different dimensions. This fasciliate changing widths of spacer. Please note that when not using a specific dimensions it should be placed back in a air free packaging.

Double Reel Stand

Storage Cabinets

It is convenient to store the Super Spacer® reels in a storage cabinet that has over pressure with dry air. This means you can have several different dimensions/colors and you do not need to take time for re-packing when not using the material.

Storage Boxes

Super Spacer® contains desiccant that adsorbs moisture from the air. When the product is not used it is important to store the material in safe conditions. One solution besides the cabinets is to store them in specially designed air tight boxes.

HotMelt Applicator

Hot Melt is a one component sealant that gives minimum waste. The applicator for manual  production of insulating glass is availalbe in 3 different sizes.


GASP is an optical instrument for measuring the mechanical tension in glass. The measurement is non-destructive, exact and simple. It is suitable for production control according to EN 12150-2.

Roller Wave Gauge Digital (RWG-D)

Roller Wave Gauge Digital (RWG-D) is a device for measuring local bow according to EN 12150-1 and roller waves. There is also one device that on top of measuring roller waves also measures the edge lift.

Test kit activity of desiccant in Super Spacer®

Controll of desiccant activity in Super Spacer® should be a part of the quality program.  

Test kit desiccant 

Checking  that  Delta T is > 35° C should be a part of the daily QA system.  Delta T gives a good indication that the desiccant is active.  

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