Desiccants for the IG-Industry

 IG producers have to put a specific quantity of 3Å molecular sieve into the IG unit. ​IG producers have no opportunity for regeneration so the product must be active and should be free of moisture.​ Therefore it’s important that you handle the desiccant accordning to requirements.

Torkmedel för IG-industrin

Checking that the Delta T is > 35 °C should be a part of the regular QA-system. The Delta T measurement gives an indication that the molecular sieve is fresh. The method is not an exact measurement and the result can differ from occasion to occasion. It is important that the desiccant as well as the water temperature is about 20 °C. The Delta T method is approved according to EN1279.​

Importants parameters for Desiccants used in IG-units

Adsorption capacity
IG producers will never regenerate the molecular sieve so they need a molecular sieve with high adsorption capacity.  Requirements are defined by EN 1279.​

No dust
 It’s important that no dust from the desiccant can get into to the IG-unit.

We offer desiccant in 25 kg boxes and drums of 160 kg in different particle sizes suitable for manual and automatic filling.

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